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Defending Equality in Education

Whatever your child's educational needs, I’ll provide you with sound advice and professional guidance every step of the way to set your child up for success within your school system.

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Though CEA is located in north Georgia, services can be provided elsewhere on a case-by-case basis. If services cannot be given by CEA, then you will be referred elsewhere so that your child gets the help they need.

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Anjali P

Stacey Carriger, with Carriger Educational Advocacy, is hands down the best advocate I could have hoped to find for my daughter. My daughter is 8 years old and was recently diagnosed with dyslexia/ ADHD. I was very intimidated and worried about the process of obtaining an IEP or 504 for my daughter, so I reached out to Stacey at the beginning of our journey. Stacey was extremely knowledgeable, supportive and encouraging towards me. As a mom who worries a great deal, it was so comforting and reassuring to have her on board guiding me from the beginning of my daughter's diagnosis. She attended my child's IEP/504 meetings, and communicated very efficiently and effectively with faculty and psychologists. Her expertise allowed us to receive all the accommodations my daughter needed.
Now, my daughter is thriving and doing very well in school. Throughout the process, Stacey helped me gain a better understanding of my child's diagnosis and needs. As a result, I feel much more comfortable now being an advocate for my own child and also teaching my child to advocate for herself. Stacey is truly a blessing to our family, and I highly recommend her services. She is passionate, and caring and will go above and beyond to do what is best for your child!

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