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National Center for Learning Disabilities: Learn all about the different learning disabilities as well as what research is out there in order for those to succeed in school. You can also find scholarship and grant opportunities here. You can search the database for short but comprehensive articles about various disabilities as well as ways to advocate for your child. 

ADDitude: This online magazine is filled with great articles to help you understand the ADHD mind. They offer many free webinars as well as helpful tips for those who may not want to medicate. You can even use their symptom checker to see if your child is at risk for developing ADHD. This group is dedicated to both informing and supporting those with autism. You can find some great resources across the spectrum, as well as access to ART, the Autism Support Team, that will help guide you through this journey.  

International Dyslexia Association: This website is great to help you understand dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia. They also have a provider list so that you can find professionals in your area to help your child succeed outside of the classroom setting. 

Understand Learning Disabilities: Resources and Tips
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